Monday, April 6, 2015

Sorry it's been so long!

I figured since Jesse finally posted something, I should too:)

Let's see....

Stevie fishing with Dad and Uncle Joe Thanksgiving weekend

Hank climbs everything and scares us all to death.
Starting them on cartoons early
Christmas 2014

Hank loved the Christmas tree and couldn't stay away from it


Hank got to go to Grandma's house on Christmas Day....

but Stevo got the stomach flu and had to stay home with me all day.
 The kids. I know these pics are old news but aren't they all cute.

Super serious #1
Super Serious #2

 Everyone has heard that my Dad passed away on January 9th of this year. He was such an amazing father. I am so blessed to have been raised by him. Here are two pictures of him that I love. The first one is how I remember him. That is actually me he is holding. The man to the right is Bishop Gallegos who baptized me and is now up for sainthood.  I believe he is Blessed right now.
This is a picture of my Dad around age 20 which would have been around 1950. He is looking out of a train window I think. I never knew him as a young man but I love seeing old pictures of him. He lived a beautiful life and, although he is missed, I know he is in Heaven now praying for all of us.

These are older ultrasound pics of the baby.

Hank loves all the nooks and crannies in our new place.


We went to Palm Springs in February, It was great weather and we swam everyday. I put the boys in these floaties and they were in and out of the water on their own the whole trip. Even though he looks a little bummed here, Hank loves swimming!

Stevo accompanied Dad to all the awards ceremonies this year.


Bulldozers are gonna bulldoze....and kids are gonna watch all day in rapt attention.

I bring the kids to a pre-school co-op now and they make some really cute crafts.
These were made from the boys foot and hand prints.




I just liked Stevie's hair this one day. 



We started doing timeouts in the corner and so what goes around comes around. The beloved Dog'n'Blanket gets timeouts too.

Fishing is serious!
Latest ultrasound pics. He looks exactly like my other kids.


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