Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No news is good news!

        Here are some pictures of the excitement Christmas morning.





This is what we like to call flicking which is turning the couch into a big bed and everybody laying on it and watching a movie.

 Notice anything wrong with this picture? This is what happens when your toddler just discovered what stickers are and you leave your car registration sitting on the counter. Luckily Big Steve had a tool to get this off.








Stevie is becoming a lot more daring lately!

Stevie is literally always getting in Hank's grill. :) 

We've all been keeping our new year's resolutions even Stevie. Here he is working out with Dad.


 I like to call these next 2 pictures "Hero Worship"

It's easy to make Little Hank smile. He has the cutest little dimple at the right side of his chin.