Thursday, May 15, 2014

Such a busy time for us!!

We did sooooo much in April and now May is proving to be just as eventful. Sorry for all the spelling errors. For some reason I can't go back through and edit.

First, Stevie turned two! Wow. I can't believe how fast time has gone. We threw him a really big party and had a blast. We, mostly Taylor, made him a Dog birthday cake. Stevie is super smart these days. All I have to do is show him how to do something and he's learned it forever.  He knows how to say and draw a circle, square, triangle and the letter A.  I'm working on B now. He's still an awesome dancer, baseball player, and has recently been working on his voice. He sings to himself all day long. His favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider and Little Bunny Fufu (which, despite the name, is a very violent song).

Yay or Nay?

Let's take a vote. So when I bought this outfit it was orange and blue. It came out of the wash salmon and periwinkle. I think Hank has the personality to pull it off  but I am his mother so I could be biased.

Hank is moving right a long and starting to join in the fun.  He rolls all over the place and can sit up on his own now but only for about half a minute before spilling over.  He has started eating rice cereal. which means he's starting to really grow up:(.  He is such a sweetie and his face lights up if he just hears Stevie or Steve talking.  He and Stevo are best buds and play and make each other laugh. It's amazing to watch. 

We had a beautiful Easter up at the Mudds.  The Annual Easter Egg Hunt was epic.

Steve and I got all gussied up for a fancy charity dinner.

 My parents just celebrated their 50th Anniversary. I'll have to put more pics up later but here's a sneak peek.