Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Stevie!!

I let Stevie lick the cake batter from the spoon. I think it was his favorite gift.

   Here are some pictures of the decor. It was an Avengers theme.


He didn't like the actual cake as much as the batter.


So his favorite toy was a baby walker I got him. He isn't walking yet so I thought this would help. He figured it out right away. The only problem he has is he gets against walls and furniture and gets stuck.

And here's a picture of Aunt Bonnie skyping the action.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter is definitely my favorite holiday
We made Stevie a playhouse out of cardboard boxes. I'm trying to find wallpaper for it which is hard because apparently no one uses wallpaper anymore.

Stevie really wanted to hold his own spoon a few weeks ago and finally I let him and look......he can feed himself. I don't let him do it all the time cuz it's messy but he gets a chance every so often.  I have to say I was surprised.

Here he is with some cousins from my side. I finally remembered to snap some pics.

His cousin Mark shown here loves him but Stevie takes his time with new friendships.  Sonja, who likes to pick out her own outfits ;), was excited to have Stevie there to. He's very popular with all of his cousins on both sides.


So I'm starting to realize why I always forget to take pictures when I'm around my family. The picture below shows a day in the life of a Mudd get-together. The other weekend the boys went fishing and a bunch of my sisters and sister-in-laws got together with their kids.  It was total chaos and we decided to order out for dinner.  It was really fun and the kids had a blast. When I suggested a group picture everyone said it was pointless to try.


These were some of my attempts.

Finally, here are some pics of the Annual Mudd Family Easter Egg Hunt!!

Yes, that is a solid chocolate bass.

Stevie got stuck in the sectional the other day. It was so funny and he played like this for a long time.


 And lastly, we are all so happy the the warm weather is here. Stevie loves the outdoors!!