Monday, July 9, 2012

The Angel's Game!

Here we are at the Angel's game. Stevie was actually happy the whole time until we tried to take these pics. Hate to steal your line Lauren but seriously Stevie? There's NO crying in baseball.

Here we are in SoCal taking a hike. We tried putting Stevie in the Baby BJorn but he hates it so we ended up taking turns holding him the whole way. It was a great arm workout to go along with all the walking : ).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

He has inside jokes with complete strangers.......

He is the most interesting baby in the world.

Little Stevie with Charles, one of  Uncle Timmy's seminarian friends. They got along really well.

Just a cute pic of Stevie sleeping in my lap. He looks like a pefect mix of O'Brien and Mudd to me in this one.

This is Mrs. Czyz who lent us a relic of St Padre Pio. We prayed to him for over a year and there you have it, a little miracle here with us today.

Stevie with Grandma and Grandpa O'Brien. He likes Grandpa cuz he patiently listens to him argue...... 

And Grandma rocks him to sleep (So Cute)

Here we are at the Reno Rodeo. We had to leave Stevie at home because it was so windy and cold. I missed him a lot though.  It was the longest I've ever been away from him. 
I think I was standing in a hole here.

Lots of babies being born on the Mudd side right now. Here's Stevie with a couple of his newer cousins. Hannah Jane on the left was born in January, Mary Catherine was born in May.

Hannah wanted to hug Stevie and they were both laughing and playing.  It was pretty sweet.

Here's some of Stevie's older cousins. From the left, Jacob, Sarah and Dominic.