Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Growing Bump and Adventures in Babies Feeding Themselves


I haven't taken as many pictures of my bump this pregnancy so I finally remembered last night.  I'm looking pregnant more quickly this time and I'm already feeling kicks!! I don't have as many ultrasounds this time either but as soon as  get another one I'll post it.
Stevie is learning to feed himself now.  It's so cute watching him try to figure it out. I take a lot of pictures of him eating and he knows to pose and smile now.







This is Stevie with his Grandma Mudd. I'm really bad at taking pictures of him with my family.  I would have had my dad in the picture but he'd just had oral surgery and it looked like he'd been in a really bad bar fight : (.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Time Flies

So my birthday just passed. Another year, I can't believe it!! We've had lots of fun lately visiting and entertaining family and friends, fishing and travelling.  Stevie is growing up fast. We've gotten him to walk on his own but he still needs lots of coercion and doesn't like when he realizes he's not holding on to anything. We had Lauren , Grace and Joe over for a few days and that was so much fun. The kids played really well together and Lauren and I cooked a lot, shopped and exchanged parenting advice. I love having other Mom's around so I can pick their brain.  For my birthday we went to Monterey and Carmel and did some serious relaxing.  Monterey was very touristy and cloudy while Carmel is more of a vacation town and seems to get more sunshine. I'm now almost 15 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going well.  Getting to the 2nd trimester is such a relief and I must say it's nice to have my energy back.

Here's some pics of our newest addition.  He or she is about 14 weeks here.

Stevie likes to help us all with paperwork, bills, talking on the phone, eating or pretty much anything we are doing.

Here's Stevie and I having fun with the camera while Dad was fishing in Hingston slough


Stevie was trying so hard to hit the ball off the tee he didn't realize he was standing on his own for a long time.

Stevie is a pretty happy guy!!

All of the kids playing together

Little Joe learned to stand at my house!!

          At the Monterey Bay Aquarium..................

Watching penguins eat

Looking at sea sponges

Underwater experience