Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Time

Here we are at the First Annual Harcourt's Christmas Party! Isn't Little Stevie looking dapper!

Steve grew a beard. I like it!


Stevie is definitely learning to get around on his own and is increasingly curious. We need to start baby-proofing the house because he's learned to open drawers and cabinets already.  Here he is simultaneously destroying my magazine and getting into Steve's dresser.


I'm still able to clean faster than he can destroy but he's gaining on me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost Crawling and I had the Camera Ready!!!

First of all, Stevie is looking more and more like Steve everyday.

And he likes to chew on everything which makes sense because he all of the sudden he has 2 teeth in and 2 more about to show. Poor guy got hit all at once.
Stevie is able to army crawl all over but the other day he was up on all fours. And the camera was right there for once! You know, it's times like this that make all the lack of sleep worth it. 
This one is blurry but I was rushed.

I rewarded him by letting him play with my cell phone.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween, Vacation and Getting So Big!

Stevie was a tiger for Halloween! So So Cute. I wasn't going to dress him up but then I changed my mind. I figure there's only a few years that I get to decide what he'll be for Halloween.
He's getting smarter every day. He can sit up on his own now and play with his toys. He's starting to push himself around on the floor. I think he will crawl soon but he doesn't need to because he can roll anywhere he wants to go.

He's quite a little ham as you can see in his pictures.

I don't think there's any baby that loves to cuddle in his blankets more than Stevie. He's happiest when I put soft covers all around him so he can roll around in them and pull them over his face and off again.

We went on a vacation to Huntington Beach last weekend. It was sooooooo nice and restful.
     We went to a Lakers game at the Staples Center. It's amazing in there. So huge and steep!

We played on the beach which is so clean and beautiful there.

And Stevie got his first swimming lessons in the wading pools with Dad! He especially loved the heated pools at the hotel.  He played and splashed for about an hour and then slept the rest of the afternoon and evening.  We were able to stroll him to a nearby restaurant and have a little date while he slept. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

It's been a while!

Stevie really is the silliest baby! He loves to play with his toys. Mostly he just uses them all as teethers...............

And as usual he loves having blankets on his face all the time. I'll actually give him different pieces of material to put over his face to keep him entertained.

These were taken just this morning. He yells to get my attention and then puts the blanket over his face.

 We had this picture taken outside of church the other day. Both Stevie's were looking paticularly handsome that day!

My little ham!
  Stevie got his first cold and he was so sleepy : (.  Steve and I got it too so we were all sick together. Luckily Stevie got over it in just 2 or 3 days.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A picnic at the lake!

Here's Little Stevie and Little Joe taking a rest from playing.

We recently spent the day together at the lake swimming, fishing and eating hotdogs. We all got some much needed R&R.

Babies are busy creatures.  A typical day in the life of Little Stevie:

First he likes to spend a lot of time playing peek-a-boo with or without me.

Then he likes to catch up on some reading.  He really likes Dr. Seuss.
 Eventually he gets around to sucking on his fingers (a habit that is increasingly hard to break).
                 Finally, he settles down for a nice relaxing nap.    
               When he wakes up he starts all over again.