Sunday, November 2, 2014

So much happening!!!! Lots 'o' pics!!

We're Expecting Another Little One! Due 6/15/2015




Taylor's Shower............


Stevie ran around the whole time she was opening gifts yelling "Happy Birthday"






                                                    Hank's Birthday!!!!
                      I can't believe his first year went so fast.

The amazing cake Taylor made. I can only take credit for making the actual cake.  Taylor did the decorations. Can you believe how great it turned out?!?












 He was the cleanest one year old ever to be given a giant slice of chocolate cake. He loved all his presents and both Hank and Stevie played all night with the new cool toys.







This is Hank's favorite place in the world.  Under the apple tree. He eats the apples and the strawberries from the patch next to it. We call it his "Honey Hole".

Stevie is staring to draw really well.  These are some samples. He said they were "dogs and niso-nores" (dinosaurs).




 Working out with Dad in the morning............







Happy Halloween!!!!

Well they're definitely related.



Buzz and Woody!!! 





"To Infinity But NOT Beyond"
Hank fell asleep before we hit the first house.

He woke up for cupcakes at Grandma's though.

 Stevie was scared to death of this one house that was all decorated and lit up. I don't blame him. It was really crazy. Stevie did a lot better this year. He actually walked up to the houses and said ''trick or treat". Last year he just cried at every house.

Until next time.......................