Friday, April 4, 2014

March Madness



March was a crazy month for the Steven P. O'Briens.  Tommy got married to Taylor- Congratulations!! Tim got ordained a Deacon- Congratulations! And my boys got a month older-Whew! Congratulations Me!
We're all doing so so well and have been blessed with so many celebrations lately.


Hank and Tim in Denton for the ordination




Below is a picture of me in January 2011 in front of Tim's Seminary. I visited during my surgery there.  It's neat to see the outcome of that trip 3 years later. 



Stevie seriously loves this dog that Grandma Watts gave him for his first Christmas. He has to take it everywhere.




                 Stevie likes to share his blankies with Hank.

                                  Enjoying some sunshine

                                      Discovering Bugs




                                   We've got a new Auntie


                 Steve and the family at the SOB Bucks Auction

Stevie tries to change Hank's diapers. He gets a diaper and wipes and says "Ah poop". When Hank is crying, Stevie will run to him and say, "It's ok, I'm coming".

"Ya'll Ready For This?"
 Hank can hold and slobber all over a ball. 

A Man and His Dog

The Family that Flosses Together Stays Together. Especially if they're using the same strand of floss.