Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello Summer! We missed you!

Summer is in full swing and boy have we been having fun!

We all went house boating in May at Bullard's Bar. So much fun! Stevie has been learning to drive the bass boat.

Stevie finally passed out after two days of nonstop playing.

 The weather finally warmed up enough to safely start planting new flowers. The boys helped me.

We took a trip down to SoCal and met up with Jim and Jessie and the kids.  It was a great time for everybody.

Stevie got his own seat this time and helped Steve and I handle Hank.

The kids at the San Diego Zoo!

Playing on the beach.  Jimmy, Mikey and Stevo played really well together all day.


We also got to see Jimmy play baseball.

Stevie here is reading books with his cousin Joe. He likesto do pretty muchanything the other kids are doing.  It's pretty cute.

Summer is a great time for all the little guys to get together. Everybody is growing up so fast.

 At Aces ballpark.  Baseball is another reason to love summer.
 Here are the kids hanging out with their cousin James. He's a few months younger than Hank. Well that's all for now. :)