Monday, September 2, 2013

Lots of Little Trips this Month

Stevie, as you can see below, has an obsession with cell phones. Here he is multitasking with 2 at once. However, as you may have heard, he threw Steve's $700 phone in the middle of the lake up at Donner and so that's the end of playing with real cell phones. FYI Steve's phone had a lot of awesome pictures and videos on it from this month that I hadn't downloaded yet! :(

Here he is auditioning for Baywatch down in Santa Cruz.


He spent some time hanging out with some of his older Mudd cousins.

Later we took a little trip to Donner Lake in the mountains where he got to spend some time with cousins more his age.


My sister, Liz, and all the kids built an enormous sandcastle.

Currently his love of watering the back porch continues.