Sunday, December 22, 2013

Here's lots of pictures to make up for my long absence from blogging:)

      Update: Stevie and Hank are doing great! Stevie is becoming quite a character and keeps us all entertained.  He is talking a lot now. Some of his phrases are "Stop It", "Sit Down", "What's That", "Where Is It" and "Set Go" (as in Ready Set Go). He loves dogs and birds. For dogs he says whoof whoof and then makes a panting sound. It's so cute. You'll see in a lot of his pictures that he likes to put rosaries over his neck and always puts one side over his ear. I don't know where he learned it.  He also loves coloring and insists on everyone coloring with him. He's developing quite an arm and everything is a ball now. He loves music and is a great dancer. 
     Hank is such an awesome baby. He almost never cries except if you hold him too long or put him in his car seat. His 2 favorite things are eating and being in his swing. He smiles and laughs a lot. He loves when I tickle his neck and blow fishes on his belly. He loves Stevie and smiles and gets excited when Stevie and Steve rough house and get loud. All around he is just happy.



Stevie is taking care of business with an iPad and checkbook.

Mr. Smiley 

                                                  Playing ball and texting




Everybody loves to hold Hank but he will only let them for a little while.

Kisses. Stevie is a great big     


Steve bought an enormous tree this year


Getting into trouble

Stevie helped decorate the tree by throwing ornaments at it like they were balls not bulbs.

Here's some other pictures from our family portraits.




Monday, November 11, 2013

Henry "HANK" Gerard O'Brien

Without further ado........................................

Little Hank is here and making a big splash.  Steve and I are truly blessed with 2 beautiful boys. He was born 6lbs, 14 oz and was 20 inches long. At his 2 week appt he weighed 8 lbs and had grown an inch so he's moving right along. Steve and I think he looks almost identical to Stevie and when I get time I'm going to do baby picture comparisons. We think he's going to have lighter hair though and maybe blue eyes because they seem lighter every day.




This is Stevie showing Hank where his nose is.


The Baptism

                                         A typical "small" Mudd gathering

This is Stevie taking a picture of himself.

Stevie in his Halloween costume. He was a football player. He refused to wear the helmet and would only wear his favorite orange headband. Trick or treating didn't go well either. Everything scared him and we only went to about 4 houses.