Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Update! I'm being induced thursday. I mean come on already right!?!

Ok so the baby is healthy and crazy! He even surprises the doctors and nurses with how active he is. I'm hoping that this is a good thing. They all say it is.

Here is my quilt all finished. It makes the room look very girly. Oh well, an excuse to start another one.

So I'm pretty sure that my computer is having a personality conflict with this blog.  It wouldn't let me upload the rotated versions of these pics. That's Stevie underneath my belly. He hides under me and I've almost tripped over him a bunch of times.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Smarty Pants!!

A little update on the baby- He now ways 6lbs 1oz. So he is still pretty small but growing.  I have to be induced by next Wednesday.

Stevie is a getting into the terrible 2's early but somehow manages to both impress me and make me laugh out loud.

I gave Stevie this food pouch the other night. At some point he found a straw in the living room, took the wrapper off of it, managed to get into the spout and sucked the food out with it. Maybe I'm one of those parents that is easily impressed by their kid but I was pretty surprised.


So Stevie caught a little cold this week. He's been pretty tough about it but yesterday morning I found him like this and I thought it was so cute. We've at least taught him how to take a load off. Yes, that's a remote.

The last of my summer garden and the king size quilt I finally finished thanks to an excess of down time. I will try to post a full pic of the blanket later.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sorry it's been so long! Bed rest is so Lame!

I have sooo many awesome pics of Stevie and the new baby. IF YOU GET TO THE BOTTOM AND IT SAYS "SEE MORE", CLICK IT AND YOU WILL SEE MORE PICS!

As you may have heard I'm on bed rest. The baby went from the 49th percentile to the 11th percentile between weeks 32 and 35. Stevie did this too and they aren't sure if it's genetics, low pregnancy hormones, or a combo of both. I went in for the 37th week check up and as you will see he looks much more squished in there so I'm hoping it's cuz he's bigger. They say they can't give me a weight approximation yet      though:(!!!!



35 weeks-He looked kind of skinny in this one

37weeks - VERY squished

Bed resting with Mom


Obsession with the hose continues.........

Me simultaneously quilting a blanket for the baby and our bed.

My handsome boys

Stevie's personality literally captured on camera

Grandaddy Mudd's glasses are always a popular attraction for kids.

Playing with dad on the new boat


 Beautiful afternoon at Tahoe when the weather was still warm

Stevie loves this head band and wears it all the time

My new baby quilt. I finished it!!!!!!!!!!!


  Bad temper tantrum Stevie threw before bedtime. Is it wrong that we thought this was cute and photo worthy?

A shopping trip with Dad to Scheels for the new boat