Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to Steve and Happy Anniversary to Us!

Steve celebrated his 33rd birthday recently and Little Stevie blew out his b-day candles. 

Stevie has been trying to put his own clothes and shoes on lately. It's really cute.

We celebrated our 4th anniversary lately too. We ended up having a scheduling conflict though and spent the evening at the Harcourts Auction.

Here's some pics of Steve auctioning off items for SOB Bucks (fake money employees get for doing cool stuff)

Our latest trip to the Mudds to see my sister's beautiful new baby girl, Olivia.
Cousin Mark showing Stevie how to go down stairs on his belly.

Crawling with Kids

My niece Genevieve has the biggest eyes I've ever seen.

 Stevie having a blast with Uncle Tim scooping and throwing rocks