Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sweetest Little Baby!!

Welcome Timothy Robert!!  
We've been so blessed. Another beautiful healthy boy.  Timmy is so sweet and he is doing so well in his first week. He's already settled in and we have all recovered nicely. I feel like this little one has always been here. I can't believe he's only a week old. He is my first son to be over 7 lbs and has already grown almost 2 inches since he was born.  He has lots of dark hair for now and I think he will have dark eyes. he looks just like Hank and Stevo. Steve says that we keep having the same baby over and over.

Proud Dad


First night at home

                        By the way, he takes a pacifier. I'm so happy!!

Fr. O'Brien Baptizes Timmy....................

Stevie was very curious while the seminarians prepared for the

                             Congratulations Fr. O'Brien !!!!!
We are so proud of Fr. O'Brien. It was such a blessing to have Timmy baptized by his newly ordained uncle.


Timmy is usually very quiet so it was unsettling when he screamed through the entire baptism. He was really hungry poor guy.

Stevo and Hank love Little Timmy and are very happy he is finally here.  They fight over who gets to hold him.

 This is just funny

 First doctor appointment. Timmy received an A+

Bonnie took great care of the kids for the first week.  They loved they're morning wagon rides.

Here's some pics of the kids the last few months.

Our back yard is wild kingdom. Horses, donkeys, coyotes, geese, ducks, bunnies, squirrels, marmots...all can be seen in our neighborhood.  They're was a Canadian Goose making a racket one morning and the kids thought he was neat.


Building Trains Tracks

Hank loves to eat but you'd never know it. He climbs off all his calories.

Just a day in the life                                     

 Puddles are good for splashing and apparently drinking.

Stevo is actually in a big boy bed now.

Getting into the last of the Easter candy


 At the Discovery Museum, Hank climbed this huge 2 story structure. He was in heaven. Stevie loved the water feature that teaches kids how tides and water ways work.


Here is the boys at they're preschool co-op. They still sing all the songs even though they ended the year a month ago.