Monday, February 18, 2013

February is a Long Short Month!

We've had a really busy February so far. We just got back from our longest trip ever.  First we flew to Arizona so Steve could hunt pigs with Big Steve.  He didn't get any though :(.  Then we flew to LA for Steve's company award ceremony where he cleaned up a lot of 1st place awards. Stevie and I went to Newport Beach and went shopping with Aunt Bonnie while Dad went to meetings all day. Then we drove from LA to Oakdale to hang out with Stevie's O'Brien cousins.  Then drove to Sacramento to see my sister's new baby ( I forgot to take pictures there though).  We were gone 10 days!! I can't believe we made it intactHere are some highlights.

This is Stevie kneeling with Dad for prayers the night before we left. So sweet!!

Stevie always makes his way into our bed when we travel. I took this at about 5am. I couldn't sleep because Stevie likes to put his head against Dad and kick me all night.

A man of many talents

Here we are all dressed up.

Steve took Stevie on stage with him to receive his awards. We had a lot of fun.

Finally, we were all so happy to be home sweet home!