Tuesday, June 25, 2013

O'Brien's and Baseball

 I got another ultrasound yesterday and they say the baby looks perfectly healthy.  It seems like he moves way more than Stevie did already but maybe I'm just imagining it.  I can't imagine a baby being more active than Stevie at this point though. To quote Steve "he is one crazy little dude".

8AM and yelling at me already

Here he is! He's so active it wakes me up sometimes and I'm only 22 weeks!


This is my niece Rochelle with us at the Rodeo.  She is staying with us for a few weeks to help out. It's great and we've been getting lots of stuff done and having fun.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Vacation and a tribute to Fathers and Grandfathers..........

Stevie has learned to walk!! He all of the sudden decided one day he was going to walk around and now he's flying. He is his Dad's shadow and it's so cute to watch.  Everything is a cell phone and he puts phones up to his ears and says hi over and over. He loves any kind of ball and he's developing a good arm.  He can set the baseball on a tee and hit it off which makes both Dad and Granddad proud. He helps Steve at the office and takes out the trash with him at home. Also I finally got ultrasound pics of our newest edition. IT'S A BOY!!! I'm seriously outnumbered now :).

In the plane coming back from Kansas City

Everyone went on a walk and he held his Aunt Bonnie's hand and pushed her wheel chair.

He's yelling at me in this pic but he's still pretty cute

Batter Up! 

Big day at the office
 Grandaddy Mudd

Grandpa O'Brien

Chick Magnet already!
Can't wait to meet this little guy!