Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween, Vacation and Getting So Big!

Stevie was a tiger for Halloween! So So Cute. I wasn't going to dress him up but then I changed my mind. I figure there's only a few years that I get to decide what he'll be for Halloween.
He's getting smarter every day. He can sit up on his own now and play with his toys. He's starting to push himself around on the floor. I think he will crawl soon but he doesn't need to because he can roll anywhere he wants to go.

He's quite a little ham as you can see in his pictures.

I don't think there's any baby that loves to cuddle in his blankets more than Stevie. He's happiest when I put soft covers all around him so he can roll around in them and pull them over his face and off again.

We went on a vacation to Huntington Beach last weekend. It was sooooooo nice and restful.
     We went to a Lakers game at the Staples Center. It's amazing in there. So huge and steep!

We played on the beach which is so clean and beautiful there.

And Stevie got his first swimming lessons in the wading pools with Dad! He especially loved the heated pools at the hotel.  He played and splashed for about an hour and then slept the rest of the afternoon and evening.  We were able to stroll him to a nearby restaurant and have a little date while he slept.