Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things have kind of slowed down a bit here........

 Stevie is getting so big and learning new things every day.  He's learned to hold his pacifier and put it back in his mouth. He's able to put his foot in his mouth.  He can almost roll over on his stomach (he still needs some prompting though). He gets mad when he sees us eating and drinking. I know he's ready for baby food but I've been putting it off because I want him to stay a baby for as long as possible. But Steve says it's time for him to be a man so I tried giving him a little bit of cereal last night but he didn't like it. Thank goodness! : )
 He loves music and being sung to, getting a bath, getting his diaper changed. He loves girls especially when they tell him how goodlooking he is. But most of all, he loves when Steve gets home from work. Stevie gets excited right away and starts kicking his feet and looking around for his Dad.

Stevie decided to sleep for about 14 hours straight the other night which seems like a good thing but I was so worried about him I couldn't sleep at all.
I took some pictures of him though because he was just so cute and I started to miss him after all that time. Here's a pic of him in the Baby Bjorn the other morning. He used to hate being in this but now he's old enough to be turned around in it and he loves it. I had him in it while I was folding clothes and he fell asleep. He's already skipping out on chores. What a baby!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Many First Times For Stevie Lately

First time on a plane. He did very well.
First time in the pool. He was confused and couldn't stop looking at the water.

   Stevie loves snuggling with and eating blankets

He's discovered his feet.

First time fishing with Dad in the river!

So here's the blog I did a while ago!


Travis' Wedding on July 14th

Here's the boys with their favorite red-headed uncle!

I tried not to take this personally.

Night Night