Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We keep rolling along!

Things have been going smooth lately.  Just enjoying the summer festivities.

A typical low-pro dinner at the O'Briens.




 Here's some pics of the boys wrestling on the floor. They're thick as thieves now.


Tim and Charles watching Hercules in 3D.

And here we are on the 4th. We took the kids to a waterpark and then had pizza at the house.

 Hank is getting so big and getting into everything. He is eating a lot more solids now.  I also just started sleep training him. It took 2 consecutive nights of screaming but then on the 3rd night he slept all the way through.  If I had only known a few months ago it would be that easy......


Stevie is OBSESSED with rollie pollies which he calls "OO-IE POO-IES". He asked me to pose with his latest find while he took a picture.

 Like I said Hank's going places. He pulls himself up on furniture and is hanging on now with one hand. Pretty soon it will be no hands. He says ma-ma, da-da, and na-na.

Boys will be boys! Yes, they are already fighting. In this photo they are fighting over Stevie's right flip flop. 
And then playing resumes.......


We took another trip to San Diego and brought Tim and Charles. Here we are at the horse races. Stevie loved it!

Stevie, Jimmy and Mikey playing on the beach. Jimmy is perouetting :)


Steve's 34th birthday!! I like this picture cuz it looks like I'm about to fall and smash Steve with cake.

Hank is finally big enough to take a big boy bath with Stevie. He absolutely loves it. When he hears the bath turn on he stops everything and makes a dash for the bathroom.


We took a small trip to Tahoe to hang out with some friends of ours, the Giffords. They have two little girls the same age as Stevie and Hank. I figured it was a first date for both of them. We hit the pool and then did some wake surfing on the lake. Steve and I both tried it and got up. It was fun and I was soar the next day.


Hank claps now. I was trying to take a picture of it but wasn't that successful.