Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January has been busy!

"Did someone say debonair?"

Stevie is so happy all the time. I think I got it really easy this round. He's getting so big. He gets into everything and is now standing up on furniture. He's very affectionate andplayful. He's growing fast all of the sudden and seems to eat more solids everyday. He likes everything except chicken in gravy. That made him barf. He also has six huge teeth and I think another on the way. He says Dadda and is almost saying Mom. He has yelled at me a few times when he wanted attention. So cute!

We took a trip to Tucson so Steve could go pig hunting. Stevie is really good on flights and makes friends with everyone sitting around us. 

Both Steve's got one but they weren't big enough so we're going back in February.

Stevie can't actually ride this yet but he'll sit on it and hang on.  He looked the part though.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Time 2

Sorry I'm so lame at this guys but atleast when I do update the blog I put lots of pictures. Here are some more pics that didn't make the Christmas card cut. They were done in October but I didn't want to post them until after I sent cards.

Here's the gingerbread village Bonnie, Lori and I made. I've never made them before and it was so much fun. Bonnie won first prize with the one in the middle.

SSSHHH!! Christmas Eve. Stevie was good and went to bed right away so Santa could come. He slept six hours straight. Best Christmas gift I got.
 He woke up early Christmas morning to see what Santa brought. He loved the paper best.

Stevie loved all of his gifts but he liked the dog he got from Grandma Watts the best. They fought on the floor together for a long time. 

Steve's deer he shot Christmas Day. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Here he is with his cousin Franny from my side. He was having a hard time not being the only baby. Franny is one of almost four and knows how to handle the pressure better. She tried to comfort him.